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Professional Soccer Star Loses Keys To House Appeals To Social Media For Locksmith | C & S Locks

Professional Soccer Star Loses Keys To House Appeals To Social Media For Locksmith | C & S Locksmiths

Rangers F.C. stars Wes Foderingham and Rob Kiernan had two shut outs to deal with after coming home to locked house with the keys lost after a December win against Dumbarton 4-0.

The duo are close friends and roommates together and despite their impressive performances on the field neither remembered to bring their keys upon returning home.

To help resolve the issue Foderingham and Kiernan decided to live tweet their being locked out in the cold with the hopes of employing the aid of a nearby locksmith. Most responses however came from fans poking fun at their situation or the offering up of amateur help.

Just as Foderingham and Kiernan were set to embark on a deeper search for a professional locksmith Kiernan remembered that he had left the bathroom window open and in fact managed to squeeze in the house then enabling him to open the front door for his teammate!

It sure was a close call for the two Ranger F.C. fan favorites, next time they might not be as lucky as it is never a good idea to leave ones windows open allowing for access by unwanted persons. However as it is the unlocked window in fact allowed for the duo to gain access without having to wait.

The problem of the lost keys however still remains as the roommates will now have to track down the lost keys or have a new set made.

At any rate however a modern day professional locksmith would have little trouble making a new set of keys for the soccer stars, and additionally would have been able to get the two into their home without delay had they properly secured all doors and windows.

If you find yourself locked out in the cold make sure not to hesitate to call a professional locksmith; if located in Tucson Arizona call the access control and lock out locksmith experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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