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World Champion Safecracker Cracks Bank Safe By Touch | C & S Lock & Security

Jeff Sitar has a million dollar talent, that is if he was jewel thief, as it is however Sitar is an honest man with an extraordinary ability to crack practically any safe within minutes without the use of equipment; merely by touch. The seven time World Champion of the lockmasters international manipulation contest arguably makes Sitar the world’s foremost safecracker.

Recently the Discovery Company set up a series of safe cracking challenges to test the master’s skills. In a spin test Sitar worked his way up from detecting the spot in which a toothpick, post-it note, and then a feather were located on the spinning dial all within a matter of seconds.

Another challenge Sitar attempted was opening a state of the art gun safe, which he managed without any equipment just with the use of his hands. Opening a three number combination safe usually takes a professional and highly skilled locksmith up to a few hours but Sitar managed in just under five minutes.

Scientists claim that finger sensitivity is what sets Sitar apart from the rest of the world, he simply has a feather light touch that can sense things most people are unable to.

A final challenge Discovery had Sitar face was the seemingly impossible task of cracking a bank vault. Never one to disappoint Sitar made quick work of the challenge opening the vault in just over five minutes!

Jeff Sitar would be a great person to have around next time you need your lock combinations changed but if you don’t happen to know Jeff we suggest contacting a professional locksmith; if located in Tucson Arizona contact the Lock and Security Experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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